Data Aggregation and Cleansing
  • Collect data from multiple sources in diverse formats.
  • Standardize formats and combine into single file.
  • "Scrub" data (standardize product and geographic fields).
    • Product name
    • Product category
    • Issue code
    • Store #
    • Name
    • Address
    • City
    • State
    • Zip
    • TD Linx Number
  • Send scrubbed and combined data to clients.
  • Data types include POS and shipment/return data by UPC, bipad, issue, store.
GUI Reporting Tools
  • Point and click reporting applications.
  • Create customized reports/data files in minutes.
  • Data available down to UPC, bipad, issue, and store level.
Web Dashboard
  • Discover trends and opportunity gaps in a sophisticated GUI web application.
  • Drill down to get the details driving trends, gaps, etc.
  • Compare multiple categories, UPCs, bipads, issues, etc.
  • Insightful charts quickly summarize data.
  • Industry performance indices by sector and in aggregate (Magdex).
Custom Research
  • In depth analysis of categories, SKU's, geographies.
  • Demographic/psychographic trends and buying patterns.
  • Store surveys.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Customer focus groups.
  • Product/price/distribution testing.
Enhanced Services Program (ESP) Available to Publishers
  • MagNet can help increase your newsstand profitability by improving your sales and reducing your costs.
  • Strategic outsource solutions for single copy sales.
  • Wholesale and retail marketing and distribution work on new and/or special title launches.
  • Complete consulting services on all aspects of newsstand circulation, sales, marketing and promotions management.
  • Cover design assistance utilizing MagNet's cover analyzer system.
  • Comprehensive store level distributions working with our wholesale members.
  • Reduction of PP&D costs by removing wasted copies from print orders using timely data.