Information In Action
MagNet is both a store-level sales data reporting system, and a database of ancillary marketing information for the publishing industry. Depending on the type of information, our systems are updated at multiple frequencies, from daily book and magazine POS data, weekly store-level draw, return and sales information, to periodic updates whenever any other marketing information housed in our database changes.  All of this information is provided to clients through multiple vehicles, including direct feeds, static web reports and exportable information that can be analyzed by the user through their access tools.

MagNet  Data Tools + Resources
Magazine titles' draw, return and sales information for every bipad/issue carried at every store serviced by a participating MagNet wholesaler is reported weekly to MagNet.  Once received, the draw and sale information is cleansed, matched and verified.  The MagNet database currently contains information for over 6,000 titles from 95 wholesaler sites.  MagNet provides that information on a monthly basis to national distributors who share it with their publisher clients. MagNet also has clients who access this same data through the MagNet website.  Because of the weekly updates from our Members the data is very timely and provides publishers and national distributors with both a detailed and a consolidated review of critical sales information from all retail locations in the United States and Canada quicker than it can be received from any other source.

MagNet  Data Description
MagNet is the only comprehensive data source to offer issue level draw, return and sale quantities of each bipad on a store-by-store basis for the publishing industry. This data can be aggregated to provide sales results by chain, class of trade, geographic region and sales territory. Competitive data is also available for the same stores, same time periods and same aggregations.

MagNet  Timely Data: Data for the prior week is posted and delivered within seven business days.

MagNet  Analytically Sound Data: Every wholesaler file is cleansed of duplicate or erroneous records. Each file is checked against previous records and several cross-reference files to ensure accurate store and bipad/issue matching.

MagNet  Easy Access to The MagNet Data: Data can be delivered in a number of convenient formats:

    MagNet  A customized web site designed to meet the clients specific reporting
        needs using today's technology and business intelligence.
    MagNet  Access tools with data manipulation capabilities for in-depth analytical
    MagNet  Reporting tools specifically designed for field sales or corporate personnel.
    MagNet  Customized data feeds enabling the client to process the data through 
        their own internal systems, using their familiar BI tools.

MagNet  The data collected from each wholesaler site, for each store serviced includes:

    MagNet  Wholesaler IPDA Number.
    MagNet  Retail store name, address.
    MagNet  Customer number.
    MagNet  Bipad and issue code.
    MagNet  Title and description.
    MagNet  Cumulative draw for each bipad per issue.
    MagNet  Cumulative returns for each bipad per issue.

MagNet  Through MagNet's processing and matching procedures, the following optional information is added

    MagNet  Cleansed and standardized store name and address.
    MagNet  Chain.
    MagNet  Class of trade.
    MagNet  Cleansed and standardized bipad title and description.
    MagNet  Cover price.
    MagNet  On-sale date.
    MagNet  Off-sale date.
    MagNet  Title category.
    MagNet  TDLinx # (optional)

MagNet  Benefits

MagNet data provides the first read on the national newsstand sales level of a particular issue. Using this data allows publishers to get a fast indication on rate base allowing them to more efficiently manage costly subscription offers.

By analyzing draw and sell quantities for their own and competitive bipads, Publishers/National Distributors are able to reallocate draw to those stores that show the greatest potential for the particular issue, producing revenue gains and greater efficiencies.

The MagNet data provides the best information source to develop a category management tool. Significant efficiencies, revenue gains and cost containment advantages can be experienced through segmentation analysis, supply chain forecasting, title optimization, new title tracking, and out-of-stock analysis.

It is possible to combine the MagNet data with other data sources, such as Trade Dimensions/Spectra data, IRI and/or Nielsen data, and POS data, to maximize the value and utility from all data sources.

MagNet  MagNet POS Value Cycle:

MagNet has entered into relationships with leading supermarket retailers who provide their point of sale data for magazines and books to MagNet on a daily basis. Retailers provide store specific POS data. MagNet captures, cleanses and provides the store level data to the MagNet partners for the stores that they service for replenishment purposes. This data is sent to the MagNet partners within 24 hours of receipt from the retailers. Retailers and MagNet partners are excited about the potential to increase sales and reduce returns using such timely sales data.

The data is also available to magazine and book publishers for a charge. The benefits of the POS data to publishers is the same as with the wholesaler transactional data, except that the POS data is more timely, available to publishers within 36 hours of the consumers’ purchases at the retailers’ stores.

Publishers can use this information to determine sales trends and make print order decisions. The POS data gives the publishers a tool to work with the MagNet wholesalers to ensure that fast moving magazine and book titles are replenished at store level. Using POS data, publishers can also work with wholesalers to make allocation changes for magazines titles in a more timely manner.

The MagNet POS Data Value Cycle